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Ground or surface is generally interpreted as the basis of an object or building. In the universal order, ground always interpreted as the surface of the planet Earth.

Human existence as a subject that is based on the surface of the earth now through the development of digital technology has shifted to the situation where they are not always physically present. But rather as part of the data entity on various electronic devices.

With the continued increase in data on the internet through various manipulation efforts that have been carried out, the activity of translating the beauty and ugliness of nature has finally been replaced by activities to sharpen the validation of self -existence on various platforms on the internet.

Dystopia and Utopia will only be the business of scientists and fictitious stories. Natural conditions such as global warming, forest fires and garbage that accumulated will only be news material. Ground or surface of the planet Earth then will only about the digital cables of data distribution which needed to be think about when the electricity goes out. The choice to replace the meaning of ground as the surface of the planet whether it is the earth or mars will always be in the hands of humans as living creatures that in the essence initially have the main awareness to protect their environment.

Ground - Utopia


Ground - Dystopia

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