2 Games/virtual environments

Hardware needed for operation:

2 unit Windows 10 operating system with at least 8gb RAM

2 packages of a computer mouse and keyboard combo

2 headphones

2 projectors

2 tables to put mouses, keyboards and headphones

The game was intended as an attempt to present the atmosphere of the Setu Patok lake area virtually. It is comprised of two version with Bayang 1 consisting the environment with buildings and object that were created with mostly from my own imagination and Bayang 2 consisting the environment with building and objects that were located in the exact area. Is it between what people wanted the situation to be and what is exactly located and happening in the area.

This work was created after I moved to Cirebon with the idea that was taken from what I have seen in the area by following the Sekolah Alam Wangsakerta daily activities. I witnessed a reality which was imperceptible in the capital city. That the people living in the village don’t know the agricultural and plantation methods and don't see the potential of natural and human resources in their environment, the arid forest land condition, poverty and children dropping out of school. This situation appears to be very contradictory to the current development in which the science of education is directed towards things that are computational technology.

On the other hand, Sekolah Alam Wangsakerta voluntarily tries to embrace and together with the local community look for alternatives to overcome the problems that occur in the Setu Patok lake village area. Karang Dawa hamlet in particular. Through environmental and social based field research.

Bayang 1

Bayang 2

The accompanying sounds:

Bayang 1 - Eksponen A

Bayang 2 - Eksponen B

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